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Event Recap- Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, we were fortunate enough to have with us a panel of professionals from the Global Investment Research division at Goldman Sachs. The panelists represented both Equity and Credit research segments of the division, and offered us some great insight into Research as a prospective career path. Nona and Abhi kicked off the event with a market update, choosing to keep us updated on the Foreign Exchange Market and BP's new growth strategy. After the update, Abhi moderated a great discussion with the panelists. They each gave us a brief introduction of themselves and explained why they chose to research their specific asset class and industry. In general, those who chose to focus on equity loved the everyday volatility of markets and weighing the influence of news related shocks with their fundamental analysis. Credit, on the other hand, uses a completely different set of formulas to evaluate companies (fixed income models and yield curves), which means t

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