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In my previous blog posting, I talked about the creation of faculty learning communities as a way to generate conversation about various aspects of teaching/learning/education.At that time, I brought up one of my favorite topics.If you have read this blog for long, you are aware that I am a firm believer that the way you test will strongly influence the way your students learn.If you want to create a different class environment, you need to test differently.
Therefore, in discussing faculty learning communities, I strongly feel that every aspect of testing should be a topic of serious conversation by people who want to become better teachers.
So, today, I have a question for you.I would bet it is a question that you have never been asked before no matter how long you have taught.And, I would argue that it is a question we should be asking all the time.In fact, I think we should have a national contest built around this one question.I believe the answers might well improve college educat…