A New Business Model for Gyms

What motivates you to workout? Whether it be the desire to be in better shape, look better, or just live an active lifestyle, inspiration to go to the gym can sometimes wane. Now think about this; what if your money was on the line? Do you think you might be more prone to keep up with your exercise schedule?

A new Boston based service called Gym-Pact is aiming to capitalize on the idea that people will go to the gym if not doing so would hurt their wallet. Gym-Pact forces its members to pay a "motivational fee" if they don't work out at least one time a week. This system has been tested in a chain of gyms in Denmark where membership is free, but missing sessions forces members to incur a full monthly charge -- so far, it seems to be successful.

The goal is for people to stay healthy and attend the gym on a regular basis -- paying if you DON'T excersize may be the answer to making this a reality for us all.


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