Japan: No Rest For The Weary

New worries spiked after another major earthquake (7.4 magnitude) shook northeast Japan on Thusday night. The world's third largest economy, right behind US and China, has been stagnant for years and is now facing arguably the worst crisis since World War II. Besides human suffering, the country now carries heavy economic burdens as the nuclear safety hazard creates a long-term regional energy shortage. The ongoing tension in the Persian Gulf and rising oil prices only make the problem worse. With the possibility of another magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami looming, according to official research, Japan's economic prospect seems rather grim and uncertain at this point.

Follow up and read more on the economic and political impact of Japan's earthquake at: http://thisbluemarble.com/showthread.php?s=036635f37dab04d7839f72114bb8b91f&t=35866


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