In Case You Are Interested

I was talking recently with a friend who asked something like: "You have had nearly 33,000 page views on your teaching blog. Which of your entries have drawn the most traffic?"

In truth, some entries have had almost no readers while others have had thousands of page views. Not really sure what makes such extreme differences.

If you want to go back and check to see the most popular entries over the last 16 months or so, here they are.

1 - What Do We Add? July 22, 2010
2 - Big Mistakes March 26, 2011
3 - Need Some Inspiration? September 13, 2010
4 - What Do You Tell Your Students? August 19, 2010
5 - The $10 Million Question January 16, 2011
6 - The Opening August 24, 2010
7 - Using Power Point Slides March 17, 2010


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