Event Recap: Introduction to Finance Workshop

If the 100+ student's at this week's event isn't a testament to it's success, the 5 minute consumption of $100 worth of dumplings certainly is. The event began with our first market update of the year, led by Vikram and Nona. Following that, Vivek took the stage to begin our discussion of Time Value of Money, and some of the fundamental principles of finance. Though all the freshman weren't able to keep up with the entire presentation, they certainly indicated that they enjoyed the learning experience. At the end of the presentation, sophomores and juniors were able to meet some of the superstar senior mentors that are involved in this semesters mentor program. The application for the mentor program is being emailed out tonight, so be sure to check it out even if you missed our last meeting! Also, make sure you attend our event next week to learn some great tips and tricks for networking.

Finance Society Board


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