Event Recap: Barclays Capital M&A Overview

This past Wednesday, Finance Society welcomed Director Mark Boidman from Barclays Capital, who offered insight on the process of M&A deals at BarCap. To begin the event, we had E-Board members Josh and Susan provide an excellent "12:30 Market Updates". Mr. Boidman himself complimented the 12:30 news presentation when beginning his presentation.

Throughout the event, we learnt about the structure of BarCap's IBD, and the way in which their M&A groups are individually situated within each coverage group. Mr. Boidman talked about a deal that he had recently lead, dealing with Ticket Monster and Living Social.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the event. Special thanks to PDS and BAP for co-sponsoring and helping to set up the event. And again, make sure to sign in your name at every event in order to meet membership attendance requirements.


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