Event Recap: Credit Suisse - Execution of an IPO

Though this week's event marked the end of the semester's Investment Banking segment, it was certainly one of the most successful and informative events we've had thus far. It began with our weekly Market Update, led by board members Vivek Nayar and Abhi Kanakadandila, after which Andy Rosenberg, Managing Director of the FIG group at Credit Suisse, took to the stage to describe the general IPO process. He walked the club through each stage of the process, and was able to give some insight into the role of a junior analyst at each stage.

Attendance was one of the highest we've seen so far (partly because of the Artichoke pizza), and it was great to see all of you guys actively participate in the Q&A and networking. Next week we'll be moving into our Sales & Trading segment of the semester, starting with our first event, Monday during common hour. Be sure to come out and see Stern's very own Professor Charles Murphy give a presentation on Investment Banking and the Markets. We look forward to seeing you there.

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