Event Recap: TZP Group - Introduction to Private Equity

This past week we had the pleasure of hosting professionals from TZP Group to give us an introduction to private equity. TZP Group is a lower middle market private equity firm, located in Times Square, that focuses on control investments in companies in business and consumer services. The event began with Josh and Zeena presenting the market update. They ran the club through some recent financial headlines, an analysis of the commodities market, and an overview of a growing company Dropbox.

After the market update one of the professionals from TZP Group, Paul Davis, took the stage to introduce TZP Group and explain its strategy and position within the private equity sphere. The event then shifted gears as Maggie Todd, another professional from TZP, gave the club an in-depth presentation of how private equity works, and how a typical deal is structured.

The event was definitely one of the most informative of the semester, and once again we want to thank our members for excellent attendance and great audience participation. In case you missed the presentation, TZP is look for interns for the spring semester and summer. If you're interested, be sure to follow up with them and check frequently on Wasserman for postings.

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