Event Recap: TD Securities Mythbusting Campus Recruiting

This past week, we were proud to host several professionals from TD Securities - the wholesale banking division of Canadian TD Bank. We had panelists come in from Banking, Sales and Trading, and Credit Divisions to share their personal experiences during the recruitment process, along with many other valuable tips. We kicked off the event with Priya and Zeena presenting our weekly market updates. They discussed some financial headlines, specifically updating us on the equity market and American Airlines’ prospects post-bankruptcy.

After our updates, each of the panelists introduced themselves and their respective job segments. They began with some general recruitment tips, such as knowing the company and the job you’re interviewing for, watching out for common resume mistakes, and asking unique and pertinent questions during your interview. They lightened the mood with some brainteasers, teaching us that interviewers care more about your thinking process than the correct answer.

Lastly, they shared some technical questions for both the banking and sales and trading division. For banking, they broke down the common question of “Walk me through a DCF” into several helpful steps; as for sales and trading, the panelist focused more on how large, global events affect specific markets.

Overall, the event was a great success, offering worthwhile and honest insights into the often daunting recruiting process. We are extremely thankful to those of you that came out to our many professional events this semester, and we hope to see you at our final event, Financial Jeopardy, this upcoming Thursday.

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