Of God, Politics, and National Sanity

Before any of you proceed with this piece, I would like for you take 30 seconds to view Texas Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry's latest campaign ad. The link is below.

The United States was founded upon the concept of universal tolerance. Tolerance of religion, tolerance of personal choice, even so far as the tolerance of intolerance. Many argue that this foundation is derived from primarily Christian values, I would argue they are basic human tenets. Regardless, our constitution and legal system are converging towards a more tolerant union.
To say an ad like Mr. Perry's is intolerant would be a severe insult to its content–it is reprehensible. But beyond the shallow surface, the ad is representative of a certain class of political discourse, concentrated in America's bible belt and championed by the desperadoes of the Republican party. It is a faction that has made its aim to resurrect biblical analysis as a basis for rational litigation. To be conservative is one thing, but Mr. Perry and his almost cult-like army of neo-crusaders are regressive. There is nothing fundamental or "American" about their perspective.
Unfortunately for them, the public is beginning to realize the folly of their ways. In retrospect, the Christian Conservatism that carried Bush into the White House seems quite moderate. Today, the sensible public acknowledges that gays do not cause hurricanes, and health care reform is not an Islamic attempt to cripple the country (true statements). Every liberal is not lucifer, every homosexual is not misguided. Perry's poll numbers show that even Republicans realize who is at fault.


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