President Obama Nominates Dartmouth's Kim

Robert Zoellick’s five year term as head of the World Bank comes to a conclusion this June as expected and nominations are coming in for who is to be the new leader.
The debate for who should replace Zoellick is heating up as of late as developing nations are poised to mount another challenge on the U.S.-EU hold over the position. While it has been clear that the U.S. has significant influence over who is elected, President Barack Obama made a smart decision today to counter criticisms by nominating the prestigious Jim Young Kim of Dartmouth College to be the successor.
Kim is a global health expert and has put years of effort into aiding developing nations. He recently launched an initiated to assist over 3 million patients suffering from aids in African countries. It is rare to see a non-politician or financial expert nominated but Obama believes that “It’s time for a developmental professional to lead the world’s largest developmental agency.”
It is still very known that whoever the White House supports has the strongest chance to win but I think the President made a smart move in easing the minds of these argumentative nations who will have a much easier time accepting Kim as the new head over some American politician.
However there is still at least one other strong candidate that developing nations could support in Nigeria’s Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. It will be interesting to see who has more support. If Kim wins will African countries accept it?


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