The Geneva Motor Show

The 82nd Geneva Motor Show opened its doors today for the press, while the public can only start entering on the 8th. The Geneva Motor Show is one of the many annual auto shows where carmakers from around the world can show off new designs, models, and technologies for the cars of tomorrow. This is a great marketing scheme on the carmakers end because their new cars will receive much hype, especially the ones that are due to be released soon, like the new Mercedes Benz A-Class line or the new Audi A3. What's important about these annual shows is that carmakers, although hurt from the recession, are still heavily investing in new technologies for their cars in order to make their cars more efficient and advanced, thus benefiting all types of technology sectors. For example, Apple's stock price went up today, after Mercedes announced that its new A-Class line was fully integrated with Apple's Siri technology.

Vincent Tang


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