Google Introduces GDrive

Earlier today, Google launched the long anticipated cloud storage platform that awards its users 5 gigabytes of free online data storage. Users can upload files in any format whenever, wherever they want. The unique thing about GDrive as an online storage service is that it’s part of the Google App Suite. The network effect of all Google users will essentially give GDrive leverage in not only getting the loyal Google users but also new users who might just want to try out this new service for its being part of Google. The way GDrive works is that it will operate as if it was a local file system. When users click the “save file” dialog box on Chrome OS, the system automatically leads the file to Google Drive. This feature is quite similar to the already existing Google Doc function (as a matter of fact it looks the same), but in switching to a new storage service, Google is aiming to better provide the transfer of files between all sorts of online applications.

--Rong Pang


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