Largest Jackpot in World History Won

As most of you know, the Mega Millions jackpot of 640 million dollars was won by 3 ticket holders in what appears to the largest jackpot the world has ever known. I contributed 3 dollars to the 1.5 billion dollars that Americans spent on this lottery, hoping for that 1 in 176 million chance of striking it rich. If everyone, including me, were to use that kind of money on more worthy causes, think of all positive change 1.5 billion dollars could create.

According to the Associated Press, 1.5 billion dollars is enough to feed 685,000 families for one year. So many problems plague the country. Even right here here in NYC, people are quick to spend a few bucks on an almost inconceivable chance of winning a lottery but will often hesitate to give a dollar to a homeless person who will 100% benefit from that dollar. It seems like so many issue plaguing the nation could be remedied with just a fraction of the amount American spent on the Mega Millions Jackpot in a course of a couple days.

Despite this small inconvenient truth, history was made last Friday. Each person who bought a ticket was part of history. Several radio stations used social media to share images of their lottery ticket, promising to split the jackpot with everyone who shared their picture to raise awareness of their brand. Personally, I am happy to have played my infinitely small role in history's biggest payout, but that money may be put to better use in the future.

-Smit Purohit


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