A bad bite of Apple?

Has any of your friends got a new iphone 5? Does s/he use maps on the cell phones a lot? If so, you must be hearing them complaining all days about their new babies, more specifically, about the map app.

It seems that Apple's decision to replace Google Maps by its own product has now come to such an embarassment so quickly. The two Silicon Valley giants were once good alliances until Apple realized Google's android phone as a dangerous rival for iphone. From then, Apple started to cut down or even cut off their dependence on Google. Apple tried to find the alternatives for each popular Google apps in their iTunes store. They no longer see each other as a partner.

But now the feedbacks from thousands of consumers proved Apple's failure. It's just too anxious to escape from Google's control. Almost all new iphone users find the new map system as a joke because mislabeled landmarks, missing roads and streets and misplacement of lots of famous constructions. In a word, it would never bring you to the right place. And this is not only in America, consumers in Japanese and Hong Kong find these problems as well, along with language problems since some locations in Japan are only described in Korean.

Although Apple is responding actively and promise to improve maps as soon as possible, most of the consumers still begin to demand adding back of Google Map. Perhaps the new map system is not a bad trial , but Apple should be more patient, patient enough until all its tuition fee has been paid. Google has developed its map system for almost 10 years. No one is expecting Apple to build another Rome in one day.

--Oscar Zhang


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