The Apple Response: Two Phones and a New Platform

              Yesterday hundreds of Apple stores opened their doors to eager customers eager to get their hands on the newest iteration of the iPhone. However for the first time Apple was launching not one, but two new iterations of the iPhone. Labeled the iPhone 5c and 5s, this newest iPhone lineup represents a departure from Apple’s typical one-phone strategy. In the wake of increasing competition from Android-powered smartphone providers, most notably Samsung, and decreasing market share, Apple has been hard-pressed to find way to reestablish itself as the dominant player in the smartphone space. In addition to the release of the “budget model” 5c and “mainline” 5s, the company has also majorly overhauled its operating system. The straightforwardly-named iOS 7 was designed to address the concerns of many Apple users that the iPhone was functioning on an outmoded platform.
              Yet although Apple’s recent bid to reassert itself it the smartphone has been aggressive, Apple may not have been aggressive enough. Apple share price has been reeling since the announcement of the 5c’s price which many analysts believe to still price Apple well out of many consumers’ reach. Reports that iPhone 5c preorders undershot expectations have not been helping either. Moreover Apple’s iOS 7 has been met with some mixed reviews. Moreover complaints that Apple has still not shifted towards larger-screen models has prevented some consumers from upgrading or switching from the Android platform.
Nonetheless, Apple’s latest product release represents a significant shift in Apple’s corporate strategy. Apple is becoming increasingly responsive to competitors and consumers alike. Ultimately, although Apple’s shift indicates a promising return to form for Apple, it begs the question— has Apple become too much like its one-time archrival Microsoft. Has Apple been too successful for too long?

- Joseph Ting


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